Our Story

Growing up on a farm near the Atlas mountains in Morocco, Jawad learned to live off the land in harmony with nature, learning creative skills from his mother and father. After moving to the city for work to help to support his family, Jawad worked selflessly in hospitality for many years, this is where he discovered his love for serving people and making them happy. However, he soon began to notice the cracks behind the scenes. The industry becoming purely money driven, taking short cuts in quality and in care at the guests expense. From this experience his vision and dream was born to open a hostel of the highest quality and service. Everything Jawad does he does with love… From every decoration in the hostel, to every meal served and to the magical adventures you will experience with him. Jawad grew up skateboarding and BMX riding with his childhood best friends Soufyane and Hakim… Together they created Chill Surfer, and sharing it with you is their dream come true. Jawad promises to show you the real Morocco, from his heart, with love.